The Campaign


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What is Each of Us?

Each of us is an anti-stigma and discrimination campaign run by Mental Health Europe. The main objective of this campaign is to raise awareness of mental health issues. Each of Us seeks to show that mental health problems are more common than we think, and that each of us can be part of the solution in changing minds and ending stigma and discrimination against people living with mental ill-health.

  • One in four of us can expect to experience a mental health problem during our lifetimes.
  • One in five adolescents in Europe is affected by at least one psychological problem in any given year.
  • Three-quarters of European businesses report the presence of at least one psychosocial risk in the workplace.

The figures speak for themselves: mental health is a major public health, economic and social issue that concerns millions of Europeans today throughout the life span.

Why an anti-stigma campaign?

Although awareness around mental health issues has improved over the last decade, the stigma and discrimination of people with mental health problems face remain unacceptably high. This is mainly due to negative stereotypes around mental health, in the media and on TV, within professional and school settings and even in the health sector.
Running an anti-stigma campaign at the local, regional and national level by targeting specific groups will help raise awareness and combat misconceptions and stereotypes. We need to put an end to stigma and discrimination because people living with mental ill-health are being discriminated against in daily life, being denied access to goods, services and even their legal rights.

Who is this for?

This campaign targets policymakers, young people, employees and the general public to raise awareness and end stigma around mental health.